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Four Penn State Football Players Sign NIL Deal with Inch & Co.

Four Penn State football players, Abdul Carter, Drew Allar, Kalen King, and Olu Fashanu all signed NIL (Name Image Likeness) agreements with Inch & Co., a Pennsylvania-based asset-driven company.

We’ve all been hearing about NIL deals and some more unique than others, but what is driving this NIL deal?

“This isn’t just an advertising opportunity, it’s an investment opportunity.” Says Cambria Bailey, Marketing Director of Inch & Co. When ask by one of the players fathers, “So, why are you investing in my son?”, Johnny Inch, Jr., one of the owners of Inch & Co. replied, “We believe in him, and our hope is that one day he will invest back in us.” Each player received a Tesla with the Inch & Co. logo splashed along each side of the energy-efficient car, which they will own for one year.

Inch & Co. is currently building several residential and industrial communities along the northeast region of the states but will be launching into the sport’s complex arena within the upcoming year. Plans for the complex are still in the works but making these connections and building relationships with those in the sports industry will be another added benefit of this NIL agreement. They will be the second construction company in the United States to jump on the NIL bandwagon, alongside Bobbitt.


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